We work in close cooperation with Sumatra Pasak Bumi, and all prices, wholesale discounts, and promotions are the same as on tongkatali.org, the company website of Sumatra Pasak Bumi.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi sells tongkat ali extract from Indonesia and Northern Thailand. While the plant species is the same, the climatic conditions are very different. The Indonesian climatic conditions are tropical. The climatic conditions in North Thailand are sub-tropical, in high locations even temperate, with a pronounced winter.

The different climatic conditions account for a slightly different chemical composition.

By and large, Thai tongkat ali causes more sexual agitation, while the Indonesian variety is recommended for bodybuilders.

For the past 20 years, Sumatra Pasak Bumi had sold the Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract at a higher price than the 1:50. This has led to the market having become flooded with fake 1:200 extract which isn’t even tongkat ali.

The logic is obvious: if somebody sells a Chinese filler micture or some tribulus powder as tongkat ali, then why not claim that it is equal to the most expensive tongkat ali extract around.

Drug fakers are an annoying pest for legitimate businesses, and a very dangerous pest for consumers. [1] [2]

Here at our Cockatoo store, we only sell genuine products manufactured by Sumatra Pasak Bumi. And we have ample photographic proof.

Fakers have slick web design, and they know how to spam search engines. But photographic documentation, if they have any at all, is very thin.

And buyers are advised not to just believe everything that drug fakers claim on their websites.

GMP, where are the award documents

Alcohol extract, let’s see some equipment, or how about some invoices for alcohol purchase

Standardization, how is it done

Buyers are so stupid, and that is why Internet scammers are so rich. Don’t be bullshited by fakers. Demand photographic proof at least.


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